Ethical Production

We use ethically sourced and locally purchased materials such as the eco-friendly raffia palm leaves, cotton or zebu leather to create unique handbags and jewelry.

Conscious Style

Inspired by a bohemian chic lifestyle, our fashion line is playful and sometimes minimalist. Our high-quality accessories are designed to be timeless and multi functional.

Artisan made

We bring back ancestral techniques of craftsmanship from Madagascar (weaving, carving, crochet and embroidery) and promote this heritage with our artisans and our customers.

Our products respect traditional Malagasy know-how and expertise. They all comply with the requirements as handcrafted products, approved by the Malagasy Ministry of Handicraft and Culture.
Purchase with purpose: we commit to giving back to communities. 5% of our annual profits will be donated to charities operating in Madagascar.

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Our curated collection is an invitation to a bohemian chic lifestyle. Browse and find the perfect raffia handbag, the embroidered tote and clutch, and the latest statement horn jewelry.

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