2017 with style

Hi you,

The fashion week is everywhere again – giving us glimpse of what we should wear for the upcoming season. We, at The Noces, are preparing the next collection too, focusing on key pieces that will rock your outfit and that reveal your true self (we remain committed to our values!).

What’s new

-more colors: elegance is a key word and we are a big fan of matchmaking! This collection will see different fashion combos, with red dangerously flirting with blue – or nude with orange.

-more materials: we will bring in the raffia – this eco-friendly material from Madagascar – to add a boho / romantic touch to our collection

-more models: obviously, we want to give you a choice, from bags (totes, clutches, pouches, baby bags) to jewels (bracelets, bangles, pins and rings) and scarves. And maybe more (that’s to be revealed).

What stays

-all the basics: you loved them and we will keep them – for some time at least! Shop before they disappear – for good.

-the embroideries: we can’t live without them and knowing that they are entirely handmade, with love, it makes every embroidered piece even more precious

-the denim: that’s our seventies touch and we will not giving up. We love its color – from dark to pale, and all the possibilities that come with it. Cleary our fashion ally of all seasons.

That sounds exciting, right? Stay tuned – you will get the highlights of our upcoming pieces on our social media and our newsletter – just follow us and join The Noces community (bottom of the page).

x TN

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