2017 Resolutions

Hi you,

After the holidays, it is time to get serious and draw the lines on how 2017 would / should be. Time to talk the walk and walk the talk, improve a few things and have more fun in the year to come.

So eighties we will be

We know, we predicted that the nineties will still be around and we will not be mistaken. But we will see the rise of the eighties as well, paying tribute to embroidery and pins / brooches / patches. Being unique is the new thing (actually, not that new – we have been advocating to reveal your true self for months now!). We have our Hipster pins set, Let’s Party and A wave of Love to accessorize your outfit. And stay tuned: many more will come this year.

So sustainable we will be

Late last year, we introduced the raffia as a signature material for our accessories. It will be a guest star in your wardrobe this year (and probably beyond). This is a sustainable natural material and deserves to be better known…and worn! Using raffia in a sustainable and ethical way brings a better life and greater opportunities for the communities that grow it. A gesture for the planet and for the fashion sphere. Either as a pouch or a handbag like Lara, tied like Rainbow and Unicorn with its colorful tassels or natural like Madeleine, it will reign on the fashion kingdom.

So happy we will be

Resolutions are not worth a dime if they are not to make us happier! This is why we will launch a limited edition of fashion accessories – including hand bags, totes, clutches, brooches, pins and other jewels – that will spread positive vibes. You are happy, we are happy, and we show and share this happiness to the world. And that is priceless. Just have a look at our Liberty pins set, with its yellow emoticon, the kiss and of course the unbeatable Peace and Love.

We could add so many more things to our 2017 resolutions but at least, we are sure to reach these ones! Let’s stay humble and…down to earth!

With Love,


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