Who made my Clothes

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April marks the launch of a powerful campaign around ethical fashion – Who made my clothes.

You may have heard about it – or even participated in the campaign. This is about a commitment in a fairer and more transparent supply chain in the fashion industry and get engaged to make things change. We firmly believe that one should have the right to know how and where clothes and accessories were made. It is not enough anymore to wear something that is desirable and covetable. It should be traceable and made with love, aligned with environmental, social and economic standards.

We are so proud to support the campaign and give a glimpse at our people and local production. Get behind the scenes to know our business practices by following us on Instagram. From 23 to 27 April 2018, we will be sharing the portrait of our artisans, telling more about our signature materials and listening to your feedback! Check as well our revised policy on data protection in compliance with the GDPR Legislation in Europe and our policy on corporate social responsibility to be aware of our continuous ethical, social and environmental commitment.

Together we can make a difference. You too can join the movement for a more responsible fashion consumption!

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