Kicking off the festival season


Today, we will officially start the festival season – with the most expected one: Coachella. Beyond the line-up (always incredible, we have to admit!), it is the California lifestyle that will be showcased: free spirit, freedom and peace and love. And we will spot and decode celebs’ fashion style and outfit as they will be a bunch of them who will join the party (the question is: will you be one of them?)

Hey, but sit tight…we got you covered! Even if you would not have the chance to fly down to Coachella and be with the crowd, you can still be stylish and get the full festival look. We name here our favorite pieces that reflect the Coachella spirit:

our Kiss Belt bag: denim is Coachella’s best friend. And embroidery too. We have two in one – you could not find a better deal.

our Love is Blind tote bag: well, at Coachella, it is all about statement jewelry, tees and handbags! Ours is even more special with its handmade and polished horn glasses. Hipster is never dead.

our Maya leather bracelets: have you heard about stackable jewelry? Well, Maya is one of them and you will nail it when you wear it in different colors and all together. This is clearly the more bohemian piece in our entire collection.

our Liberty horn pins: these are our statement brooches we are so proud of because they convey our lifestyle (and Coachella’s – obviously!). The great thing is that you could pin them anywhere (and use them again and again!).

And the icing on the cake? We will be offering you a 15% discount on all these items until end of April. You just need to mention the following code 15OFFCOACH17 when you order. Feel free to tag us on social media so we know you like us (it is just nice to feel loved, isn’t it? As Radiohead would say:” I wish I was special – You’re so f* special” – extract from Creep.


x TN

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