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Today’s post is an open letter from Faniriana, a beautiful young girl from Madagascar and a passionate writer.

Here’s what she has to say to you about having your honeymoon in Madagascar.

“Want to go on a fabulous and original honeymoon? Well, if you have chosen to go to Madagascar, you definitely have made the right choice. Madagascar is a beautiful country with a lot of scenery and landscape you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t regret coming there and discover its wild and natural beauty. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been to many places and I loved them all but my favorite place to go especially for a honeymoon will always be Morondava.

If you are keen on adventures, new discoveries and simple life, Morondava is made for you. With its famous “allée des baobabs” you will surely have the most romantic walk with the love of your life when the sun is about to go down and you will be amazed at the sight of the nature’s beauty. Or both of you can go on a jaunt to Betania, a kind of desert island which is not too far away from the city. This island will certainly give you the opportunity to appreciate each other and to have a fantastic journey you won’t forget as it s very quiet and very beautiful. Also for adrenaline lovers, flying above the “Tsingy de Bemaraha” will satisfy their thirst for adventures for sure. You can also have relaxing moment together at the beach which is near most of the accommodation you will be in. In addition to that, the weather is always in your favor in Morondava, which means sun, breezes and a little bit of coolness in the evening!

But Morondava is not the only place you can go to for a honeymoon. You can go to places like Nosy Be, Toamasina, Mahajanga, Diego or Toliara… these places are all different from one another and are all worth the travel. No matter which place in Madagascar you choose, you will always have something particular and awesome to tell your future children about. So come and see how amazing Madagascar is and how fantastic your first holidays as a married couple will be. Trust me; this incredible country will never fail at surprising you!”

Faniriana x TN

Photo Credit: Holy

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