Happy Mother’s Day


As Mother’s Day is around the corner, we think it is a great opportunity to step back and be grateful for our mommy’s love and for everything she did for us to make us happy. We have compiled a wish list to discover the best gift for Mom – among our collection:

-our Thick Skin tote bag: we know, this has a special message and we were sometimes hard to raise…but she managed to do so! So a perfect tribute for her hard work (we are sure she is super proud of you, isn’t she?)

-our Busy Bee raffia handbag: which Mom has never been busy to raise her offspring? Raise your hands if that’s not the case!

-our Forever Young raffia handbag: well, this has a double signification – Mom will always see us a her little baby and for us, Mom will always be herself – not gonna change a bit.

-our Habibi embroidered pouch: we love to call our Mom with sweet names too! And she is definitely a Queen of A Thousand Nights.

There is so much more we could offer Mom on this special day – and some priceless attention – like I love You Mum (it works a bunch to make her happy!). We will be also offering you a 15% discount on all items until end of May. Use the code 15OFFMUM2017 to activate your discount. Let’s wrap it up with Boyz II Men’ song – A song for Mama – as the lyrics are just perfect for our lovely Mom: “Oh you know I love you. Mama, mama, you’re the queen of my heart. Your love is like tears from the stars. Mama, I just want you to know” – Oh boy, the nineties really rocked!


x TN

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