Founder of The Noces

``I grew up when girls’ bands were at their zenith. I had myself my little squad and together we shared joy and fun (and still do until now). They inspired me to launch The Noces, whose fashion accessories remind the attributes of my own friends: unique, special and meaningful. The Noces are a brand that celebrates the union of people, cultures, styles, love and friendship. As I was raised in Madagascar, I witnessed first-hand the hard work and the passion of Malagasy craftswomen. The perfect use of high-quality materials such as cotton, raffia, leather or silk and the meticulous work on embroideries always impressed me. I am so proud to team up with these talented women from rural areas to create handmade trendy accessories, designed with love.”

The Noces are a fashion brand that values high-quality materials and craftsmanship

We work with family-owned businesses and sole artisans in order to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers. We have our head office in Portugal and representative offices in France and Madagascar to better serve our customers.

We also believe in giving back to the communities where we operate. As all The Noces fashion accessories are produced in Madagascar, it is our responsibility to support Malagasy people whose stories resonate with us and our values.

For every The Noces product that you buy, we will donate a percentage* of the profit to charities (*it will vary from a product to another). The donation will be made on an annual basis, together with the organizations that we support.