Wrapping up 2016

Hi you,

2016 has been an intense year in the fashion world. It was amazing for us as we officially opened our virtual doors six months ago. What would we remember from 2016? And potentially keep for 2017.

What we liked

Clearly the nineties’ come back! We just adore the slip dresses – simple and casual, but can be so chic too. And needless to say, we are in awe with bell sleeves tops and flat mules (we still long for high heels but it is always a relief to see flat shoes occupy the fashion sphere). More importantly, it was such a thrill to see the denim monopolizing the catwalks and the wardrobes of our favorite fashionistas. As well as the belt bag – considered for a long time as a fashion faux pas! This was an inspiring year where we launched – among other models – our own versions of belt bags made with 100 % denim and zebu horn. Our instinct says that our Kiss, To the Moon and Love Belt bags will last way more than a season. Meet them again in 2017 if you haven’t shopped yet your favorites.

What we learned

It was clear that 2016 put a huge focus on accessories. They are the ones who make an outfit outstanding. That little slip black dress would remain unnoticed if you did not the right hat, scarf or jewels that would go with it. We create a wide array of jewelry (bangles, rings and bracelets) that embrace the 2016 spirit – and beyond. That includes Time after Time, Trinidad or Maya.

What we expect

We are a strong believer of timeless pieces made with high-quality materials that will rock season after season. Our collection will remain true to this principle and we will revamp a few of our essentials to make them fit for 2017 and beyond. You will be seeing our totes, pouches, scarves and jewelry next year, made with love by our Malagasy artisans to promote ethical fashion.

And last but not least, Season’s Greetings! On behalf of The Noces team around the world, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With Love,



Christmas Spirit

Hi you,

Some of us are counting days until Christmas – and there are exactly 40 days to go. We have to admit that Christmas holidays are our favorite break. This warm atmosphere, the family gathering, the laughter…all values that are closer to our heart. Here are top 3 reasons why we just love Christmas.

The food

This is probably the only time of the year where we eat in one place all our favorite foods. From the traditional foie gras (so French but we can’t ignore our deep roots!) to the Yule log, our palate can’t resist to the Christmas delicacies. We will never miss our Advent calendar to get an early taste of chocolate – our guilty pleasure.

The atmosphere

We both tried Christmas under the sun and Christmas under the snow. Both experiences were magical: you would find this festive air everywhere. The decorations, the joy and happiness, the bright colors: it is an inspiring season, fascinating to capture and to share around us. A moment to remember and that brings us back to our childhood. Every year.

The gifts

Well, this is our favorite part – and the most exciting one. We are probably too old (or maybe not!) to make a Christmas list and send it to Santa Claus. But we can still give tips and even choose what we would like. And that is where we come into place: an exclusive collection of with a Christmas spirit. From the Santas Boots to the red pouches, be sure to make someone’s happy.

And you, what do you love most about Christmas? We would love to hear your Christmas stories! Send us a note at hello@thenoces.com, follow us on social media and share your favorite Christmas moment with the hashtag #xmasthenoces. A few lucky will receive an exclusive Christmas present. You have until 15 December 2016 midnight (Portugal time zone) so hurry up and spread the Christmas spirit!

With Love,



Meet the raffia

Hi you,

We could not wait any longer to introduce one of our new signature materials: the raffia. It is not a total stranger to you, we are sure. And you will definitely see it more and more, as it will rock many of your favorite fashion accessories.

Here are our top 3 reasons why the Raffia is the next Big thing:

It has a gorgeous natural nude color

Its natural color is synonym of elegance and beauty. With different nuances, with sometimes a bit of light green, it is easy to match it with darker colors (and even pale ones). It goes without saying that it crosses all seasons. Because it is fall, you can use your natural raffia fashion accessory with your orange coat. Fashion success guaranteed.

It is a sustainable material

We are all fashion conscious and we feel proud that the raffia is definitely an eco-friendly material. Extracting the fiber from the palm tree leaves helps regenerate the tree itself. Made from a plant, it is biodegradable and therefore, from a renewable resource. The ready-to-use raffia follows techniques that are environmentally-friendly (from the weaving to the polishing and the green tainting with local plants – true story!)

It can take any form you want

That’s a unique feature of the raffia: you can create fashion accessories, decoration objects, toys…Sky is the limit (and your imagination too – as we use to say here). For our next collection, we have been pretty creative to make crocheted bags and pouches that reflect our values and our style. A touch of bohemian lifestyle, sometimes romantic and always posh.

So stay tuned – the new collection will highlight the raffia and pay tribute to the talent of our Malagasy artisans!

x TN


2017 with style

Hi you,

The fashion week is everywhere again – giving us glimpse of what we should wear for the upcoming season. We, at The Noces, are preparing the next collection too, focusing on key pieces that will rock your outfit and that reveal your true self (we remain committed to our values!).

What’s new

-more colors: elegance is a key word and we are a big fan of matchmaking! This collection will see different fashion combos, with red dangerously flirting with blue – or nude with orange.

-more materials: we will bring in the raffia – this eco-friendly material from Madagascar – to add a boho / romantic touch to our collection

-more models: obviously, we want to give you a choice, from bags (totes, clutches, pouches, baby bags) to jewels (bracelets, bangles, pins and rings) and scarves. And maybe more (that’s to be revealed).

What stays

-all the basics: you loved them and we will keep them – for some time at least! Shop before they disappear – for good.

-the embroideries: we can’t live without them and knowing that they are entirely handmade, with love, it makes every embroidered piece even more precious

-the denim: that’s our seventies touch and we will not giving up. We love its color – from dark to pale, and all the possibilities that come with it. Cleary our fashion ally of all seasons.

That sounds exciting, right? Stay tuned – you will get the highlights of our upcoming pieces on our social media and our newsletter – just follow us and join The Noces community (bottom of the page).

x TN