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Hello you,

March is always a special month as we celebrate the Women’s International Day (we’d love to have it for the whole month actually). Mostly to pay tribute to all the women out there, those who gave us life, those who taught us things, those who showed us the light, those who just love us without conditions. Those who clearly inspired us and made who we are today. Here’s to our mothers, sisters, BFFs and all the Mother Teresa / Oprah Winfrey /and the Spice Girls (girl power fever!).

The Noces is a fashion brand made for the women, and mostly by the women. We acknowledge the amazing talent of these Malagasy women, their commitment to delivering the best product and their passion in weaving raffia, polishing horn and embroidering your favorite accessories. We can’t thank them enough to join our adventure and make our dreams come true.

Our collection reflects who we are and here is our 5 must-have selection of raffia handbags, horn jewellery as well as our cotton totes and pouches:

-our Madeleine raffia handbag: for our elegant women, classy and low-profile.

-our Elena raffia handbag: for our bohemian women, elegant and dreamers.

-our Friendship horn bangles: for our hipster women, free spirited and rebels.

-our Amour tote bag: for our French lover women, romantic and sweet.

-our Malala pouch bag: for our feminist women, thick skin and tough cookies.

So, which woman are you? Join the movement #thefutureisfemale.
x TN

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