Interview with Lucy

You saw her everywhere – on our website, on our social media channels, and you wondered who she was. Meet our muse Lucy, fashion designer based in Shenzhen, China, and face of the 2016 Collection of The Noces.

TN: Could you tell us more about you?

L: Hi! My name is Lucy, I come from a small town in Hunan province, China, a place with high mountains, rivers and lots of tea shops. Very peaceful, not like in the big city. Since my childhood, I really like painting and handcrafting, allowing me to foster my imagination. I have been so lucky to embed creativity into my career. I am a fashion designer, currently working for a Men fashion Brand (Kermit Psyche).
I love so many things in this world. And there is still more for me to discover. Different places, people, cultures…: they are the reasons that keep my ideas alive and give me energy! I’m always happy to learn a new dance or speak a new language, because I don’t know who I could be in a different way! And I love the change!

TN: What does fashion mean to you?

L: Fashion for me is an attitude of life, your thoughts decide how you dress, in the same way how you dress can change the way you think. I always like to try different styles, it makes me feel different and makes me want to do different things.
My inspiration comes from everything around me. It can be the shapes of the building, a picture, the colour of a flower, fabrics … but of course the most direct inspiration is from other designers. Everyone is a designer from the past till the future. I am just the one who can put my imagination into real products. I hope that in the future, with the help of new technologies, everybody can do the same. As for me, I always have tight tops in my wardrobe, one should always be confident with one’s body, no matter what the world thinks.

TN: Could you tell us more about the collaboration with The Noces?

L: I was looking for a new fashion opportunity and when I heard about The Noces, I was impressed as I can see its beauty and its potential.
Modelling was really fun, I felt a bit shy at first and I really tried to understand what we want to show and express from The Noces. The first collection is beautiful!
I notice all the products are made with fabric. In the future, The Noces could have more different materials / shapes /products. I look forward to collaborating more with The Noces to reach another Fashion level!

By Holy x TN

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