Meet the raffia

Hi you,

We could not wait any longer to introduce one of our new signature materials: the raffia. It is not a total stranger to you, we are sure. And you will definitely see it more and more, as it will rock many of your favorite fashion accessories.

Here are our top 3 reasons why the Raffia is the next Big thing:

It has a gorgeous natural nude color

Its natural color is synonym of elegance and beauty. With different nuances, with sometimes a bit of light green, it is easy to match it with darker colors (and even pale ones). It goes without saying that it crosses all seasons. Because it is fall, you can use your natural raffia fashion accessory with your orange coat. Fashion success guaranteed.

It is a sustainable material

We are all fashion conscious and we feel proud that the raffia is definitely an eco-friendly material. Extracting the fiber from the palm tree leaves helps regenerate the tree itself. Made from a plant, it is biodegradable and therefore, from a renewable resource. The ready-to-use raffia follows techniques that are environmentally-friendly (from the weaving to the polishing and the green tainting with local plants – true story!)

It can take any form you want

That’s a unique feature of the raffia: you can create fashion accessories, decoration objects, toys…Sky is the limit (and your imagination too – as we use to say here). For our next collection, we have been pretty creative to make crocheted bags and pouches that reflect our values and our style. A touch of bohemian lifestyle, sometimes romantic and always posh.

So stay tuned – the new collection will highlight the raffia and pay tribute to the talent of our Malagasy artisans!

x TN

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