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I discovered Theory of Gaia late 2017 when I was looking at stores with strong ethics and whose values resonate with ours. So when I met Haamacha Donadi in person, founder of Theory of Gaia in September 2018 in New York, it was like I’ve known her forever. A very dynamic and lovely lady, who spoke with passion about her business and her commitment to give back in Zambia. It came naturally to have her featured in our blog and share with us all her story, values and mission.

HR: What inspired you to launch Theory of Gaia?

HD: Theory of Gaia was born after i had my eldest daughter, Gaia. My priorities shifted after becoming a mom, I still wanted to look fashion forward with unique style but at wallet friends price points. We exist for our Community of #GaiaGirls. Women who are ambitious , dress for themselves with our effortless style but also desire to enjoy life experiences.

HR: How do you see the future of ethical fashion?

HD: Ethical fashion is looking at how everyone can benefit from the goods we provide. Now more than ever, consumers demand to know where the product is being made, who is producing them and how it impacts not only the business but people who make the product.

Ethical fashion is about impacting communities that make their goods. When women for example make products, the financial gains not only affects them but the entire household. It’s been proven that when women are given the right to have a say in their finances, decisions being made such as sending their children to school not only impact the house holds buy society itself.

HR: What are the next big projects for Theory of Gaia?

HD: We don’t have any BIG Projects in the works. Our goals are always to improve the store experience for our community of women. We exist to inspire #gaiagirls to love how they look in our effortless style to empower them to accomplish real life goals. We support #14plus, a non for profit organization based in NYC. They build and educated children in rural Zambia, where I was born.

We Carry International brands plus a lot of Locals brands, such as Local LES resident Scott Gibson who makes his clothes at home. He has so much passion for what he does. He makes only a few of each style each month to make it authentically unique. Susan is another great brand. She repurposes shirts or Sweatshirts to give them a new life. An oversized college sweatshirt is transformed into a cropped super fashion forward item with Silk inserts.

We also carry many women owned brands such as Franca NYC or Ming, a Brooklyn based ceramist whose work blows my mind. She is so talented and her ceramics are truly unique. We also have Banoll, a Japanese born, Brooklyn based new mom. I respect how she’s started her family while still balancing it with work. As a mother myself, I understand the complexities that come with raising a family & also following your passion. It’s so rewarding but very hard to navigate.

If you want to know more about Theory of Gaia, you can follow its Instagram account, or even better pop up in her store at 174 Ludlow Street in New York, where you will find coveted ethical clothing and accessories, including two exclusive raffia pieces from our collection The Noces x Theory of Gaia (unveiled on our Instagram!)

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